Saturday, July 17, 2010

Atlantic 42 catamaran around the world adventures... Oregon Crabbing in Port Orford.

  Congratulations to s/v Sealevel for their amazing around the world journey!  We mentioned them in a post here back in July of 2010 thanking them for some crabbing rope.  Who would have thought we'd be getting all the hits on this page now.
Atlantic 42 LightSpeed
Chris White designed Atlantic 42 'LightSpeed' sailing at 20 knots.

David and Kathy Kane have been cruising full time since 2005.

Journey from Panama canal to Alaska to Mexico... Oregon crabbing in Port Orford 2010

Since we are stuck here in Port Orford, Oregon for a few days due to weather we decided to buy a shellfish license so we can harvest some Dungeness crabs.

This morning when we pulled the crab trap it was pretty full. Sorting through the crabs we selected three males with shell dimensions of 6-3/8", 6-1/2" and 6-3/4" all well above the minimum size here in Oregon of 5-3/4". A nice haul and clear indication that we'll be rewarded with a quick payback on our investment.

Here's a break down of capital costs:

Annual Shellfish License for a non-resident: $22.50
Folding rectangular crab trap for easy storage: $24.95
Bait holder: $4.00
Crab measuring device : $1.25
Total: $52.70

Other items you need are rope, preferably lead core sinking line and a float to mark the trap. Since we are crabbing off the boat we just tie the crab trap line to the boat and thus don't need a float. Our friends on s/v Sealevel were kind enough to give us a 50' piece of crabbing line so we are set.