Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Seattle this weekend

Sailed from Pender Island in BC to Roche Harbor to check in with US Customs and enjoyed a nice lunch on the wharf. No crowds this time of year. After lunch we caught the ebb tide out of the the San Juans and encountered a pod of Killer Whales which was a great send off from the San Juans.

The Strait of Juan de Fuca offered welcoming sunny skies. calm seas and winds with just enough punch to sail to lay a course to Port Townsend. To cap off the day we caught sunset on the Straits and Kathy thinks she saw the green flash. I'm not so sure as I was busy taking pictures of the sunset, but maybe one will yield 'flash'. Arriving in Port Townsend in near darkness we anchored off the old ferry terminal for the night.

Tomorrow, we plan to catch the flood tide and ride the current toward Seattle.

Lots to do to prepare for our two week jaunt in China, but we hope to catch up with some friends this weekend before we take off on the 8th. The boat will likely be either at Shilshole or Elliot bay. Give us a call at 425-954-7245

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