Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Powell River to Desolation Sound

Decent size spot prawns caught near the Copelands Islands in 100+ meters of water using Tuna flavored cat food as bait.
A nice haul of spot prawns (about 75) after throwing back all females with eggs.
Solar Heat sailing in company of LightSpeed at 9+ knots near Powell River. Off the dock we hoisted sail to enjoy a 5-10 knot breeze. Another catamaran was in the vicinity and soon we closed courses and sailed side by side at 9+ knots for a half an hour with apparent winds of 13-14 knots at 38 degrees or less. And they say cats can't sail to weather.

Spot Prawns. Note the namesake white spots?

After making the short sail from Texada Island we stopped in Powell River to top off the fuel tanks and pick up some more fishing great. The marina was kind enough to let us tie to the dock for a few hours while we ran our errands. I picked up another prawn trap and a few more fishing lures. Still hoping to catch a nice salmon, but we are late in the season. We are contemplaitng our options and considering a trip around Vancouver island if the weather looks good. From Desolation sound it more than 300 nautical miles, but we hear the salmon fishing is still good on the outside.

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