Sunday, June 12, 2011

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June 10, 2011 by Kathy Kane

Today was the last day of work and the first day of back to full time cruising. It was a long eventful day. Flying into Seattle for 2 last client meetings, my luggage was lost! So, off I went to my client meetings with the same clothes I wore on the plane, khakis and flip flops instead of my suit and high heels! A guess this was fate as who would have guessed I’d be wearing flip flops to my last formal business meeting… what a fitting way for my last at work! After my appointments I went to the Kenmore airport to check in for my flight to Friday Harbor (where my boat and husband where waiting for me). I was in contact with the airline about my luggage and after about 10 disappointment so far on deliver time, it finally showed up 10 minutes before my flight! Whew what a relief since they said they can’t deliver it to my boat up in BC, well why not!

I flew from Lake Washington to Lake Union and then to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. It was so wonderful to see Dave pull up to the seaplane dock after being away for nearly 7 weeks. A short time later we pulled anchor and sailed up to Bedwell Harbour, BC to check into Canadian Customs. On the way I hustled to cook up some of the prohibited ‘fresh foods’ not allowed in to Canada. A quick pulled pork roast in the pressure cooker, baked potatoes and a huge fresh salad. We pulled into Pender Harbor, the Gulf Islands. After immigration and customs badgering Dave for having a few too many cases of beer and wine on board he had to pay duty on the beer, but got a pass on the wine. From there we sailed up to the next harbor, about an hour or so for a safe anchorage for the night. We saw a mother seal milking her pups on the way there. Once the anchor was down we hoped into the dingy and were in the pub having a nice Canadian IPA before 7:30pm! What a day.

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