Tuesday, June 28, 2011


June 28, 2011
Underway Laredo Channel

On our way into Alston Cove we dropped our prawn trap, baited with a salmon back bone, to the seafloor four hundred feet below. Our expectations were guarded as we'd yet to capture a single prawn in Northern BC waters. Previously, the trap had been baited with rockfish heads of which we now believe may have been scaring away the prawns, rockfish being natural predators. We also surmise that on at least one occasion a octopus took up residence as the trap was littered with sea shells and the bait was gone.

Testing our theory of fish heads in prawn traps, we instead used the salmon head to bait our crab trap. Apparently, crabs take no notice of bared teeth and oogling eyes as it filled overnight with nine keepers in excess of 6-1/4" across the back, however flush with seafood we retained only three of the biggest.

Finding another sailboat in Alston Cove we puttered over in our dinghy to introduce ourselves and met Jim of s/v Artic Loon. We then ran our dinghy up the creek at the head of the inlet to look for bears to no avail. Pulling anchor in the morning Jim hollered over 'to swing by on our way out of the bay', where upon Jim threw us a bag of Seattle's best coffee which was a generous gift for the salmon we gave him and was much appreciated. We hope to share an anchorage with Jim sometime again soon.

Pulling the prawn trap on the way out of the cove we met success with a nice haul of about fifty large spot prawns. Breakfast was delicious with fresh prawns and crab. Kathy baked some fresh French bread and smothered the lightly toasted slices with tasty smoked salmon and cream cheese. Delightful!

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