Wednesday, November 30, 2011

San Evaristo, Isla San Francisco

 Kathy planning our next adventure in the Sea of Cortez.
 Beer truck has arrived at San Evaristo a week over due.  We waste no time enjoying a almost cold beer with the crew of s/v Deliberate Simplicity.
 More desert blooms .
 Tienda (small shop) or Mini Super in the tiny village of San Evaristo requires careful navigation to avoid the hazards.
 Shell takes her turn at the helm.  If cats could talk I think she'd be screaming "hold on, helms a lee".
 Abandon salt drying machinery near San Ysidro.
 Ok, this one was a big surprise.  This is the lower jaw bone of a ORCA whale.  We found the head and lower jaw, but someone had pulled the teeth.
 Can anyone identify this skeleton?  Is it a snake?  IF so what is it doing on the beach near San Ysidro?

 Ridge hike on Isla San Francisco.
 Isla San Francisco from the ridge above.
 Kathy on  promontory of Isla San Francisco.
 Cactus bloom after a bit of rain.
 Is this Mexican snow?  No, just abandon salt ponds on Isla San Francisco.  We took a small bag of this sea salt home and will be using this in our salt grinder.