Thursday, January 26, 2012

LightSpeed wins the Veleros de Baja yacht race.

 LightSpeed pulling toward line honors and a overall win at the Veleros de Baja race in La Paz, Mexico.
 Sailing into La Paz is always a treat... even with over 1.5 knots of ebb current.
Over the line a full 10 minutes before 2nd place finisher.  A big thanks to our secret weapon:  Bob from s/v Pantera who taught more than few trick over the course of the race.  Thanks Bob!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Rigging Project using Navtec Norseman Swageless fittings

 Adding a Navtec Norseman fitting.  Cone is in place.
 Inspecting lay of wires prior to final fitting.  NOTE:  Be sure to use lubricant on the threads when dry fitting.
 End view of wire.
 Bottom fitting is correctly tightened.  Top fitting was over tightened during dry fitting and the threads seized when trying to disassemble... use lubrication and DON"T over tighten the fitting.
 Another Navtec Norseman fitting installed on the forestay.
A huge thanks to John from s/v Time Piece hailing from Anacortes, Washington.  John spent a more than a few days on the project as a driving force.   Back at anchor with the new rigging installed.   Nice sunset in La Paz, Baja California Sur,Mexico.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years at 'The Shack'

 Travis fires up the grill at 'The Shack'.

 Kathy decked out after ringing in 2012.

John from s/v Michaela jams on his electric Ukelele at 'The Shack'

Replacing the standing rigging on LightSpeed

 Broken strand of 1x19 stainless steel rigging shows it's time to replace all the wire.
 Working aloft at anchor in La Paz. 
It was a bit spooky to be near the top of the mast after removing the spreaders and the mast diamonds.