Monday, April 02, 2012

Bumping bottoms with a Humpback whale.

It was an exciting day today for a short 50nm sail to Cabo. 

Every time we set the spinnaker, one of the fishing reels would start to sing as the line ran off and then the drill would start to douse the spinnaker.  After our fourth and final fish, a 42 pound Wahoo we pulled in the lines for the day. 

Not long after, Kelsey and I thought we spotted a whale straight ahead. "What was that?" "I don't know, I saw it too." "It looked like a whale..." Kelsey and Kathy rushed forward to scout and we narrowly avoided T-boning the juvenile Humpback by slamming the engines into full reverse.  Way to close for comfort, it slid by only feet from our bows.

A few miles later, everyone was roused by a distinguished thump on the port hull. We rushed out, confused, looking for the source. "Did we just hit a whale??" With all of  us out on deck I issued the order to "hold onto something" as the whale might give us a trashing and throw someone in the water.  A few moments later it seemed disaster had been averted. 

Suddenly, another, much bigger whale appeared beneath the trampoline giving everyone a scare. She blew and then showing us a tail between the hulls as she sounded for deeper water.  About a minute later the two Humpback whales surfaced 50 yards in front of the boat.  Whew!  Now that was a close call.  `