Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Day 1: Sailing to the Marquesas

March 4, 2012
Position at 0200UTC: 22°01'N 109°38'W
Day 1: Mexico to Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.

So we finally are underway for the Marquesas. But more importantly today is Kathy's birthday! For the celebration we have a 4' Pinata filled with candy and a chocolate cake.

Winds look a little light for the first several days out, but the swell forecast looks good. As every surfer knows ocean swell generated by distant storms can travel very long distances. For a voyaging yacht ocean swell contrary to local wind and waves can create very uncomfortable conditions onboard, the worst of which is know as 'washing machine seas'. So far so good as we are only seeing 4'-5' swells out of the NW at 12 seconds which are a non-issue. Our last stop in Mexico was Cabo San Lucas with it's cruise ship choked harbor, buzzing jet skis and glass bottom boats all of which proved a incentive to get going.

As the sunset tonight we have covered 55 nautical miles since leaving Cabo at noon and are enjoying boat speeds around 8 knots at the moment.

Current Sailing Conditions
Course: 190 True
Speed: 8 knots
Wind: 15 @ 290T
Seas: NW swell 1.8 meter @ 12 seconds

More posts soon.

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