Friday, April 06, 2012

Day2: Sailing to the Marquesas

March 5, 2012
Position at 0400UTC: 19°49' N 110°49' W
Day 2: Mexico to Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.

As of 0400UTC or 9PM local we are about 190nm south of Cabo San Lucas Mexico. In the last 21 hours we've recorded a maximum wind speed of only 11 knots. We could wish for a bit more wind, but the light breeze made for some nice relaxed sailing. With four of us aboard LightSpeed to share the watch duties and cooking and odd jobs it seems this is going to be one of our most restful ocean passages ever. However, the first few nights out to sea always take some getting used to and everyone was a little tired today.

Since we were pretty busy yesterday getting out of Cabo and to sea, we celebrated Kathy's birthday again today. After breakfast we decorated the main cabin with balloons and streamers, wrapped up some presents and frosted the cake. Then as a final tribute to our great time in Mexico we pulled out the giant pinata and hung it from the rigging. The Pinata did not easily submit to the wailing assault on his candy filled belly. Kathy beat him senseless with our mop then passed the mop to Kelsey who knocked off both legs revealing a little known secret that there is no candy in the legs of a giant purple pinata. Andrew delivered several formidable blows knocked his head loose and revealing yet another secret that the Pinata head is connected to the body by internal strings. I acted as chief photographer, but was also called into action and now beholden of the fore mentioned secrets directed my blows to the belly of the beast. I even managed to knock out a few pieces of candy, one of which was a full size Milkyway, which immediately fell overboard, much to our dismay. Kathy finished off the job, then Kelsey delivered a ulegy to the remaining bits of pinata before delivering his bits to the deep. We wonder if other ocean going crews goof around this much?

I attribute all of our goof off time to our excellent self dogging watch schedule that shifts one position each day and with a four person crew the schedule repeats on the 5th day. Unless you have a night owl as crew this schedule ensures watch duties and cooking chores are spread evenly.

This is what Day 1 looked like.

0000-0300 Dave
0300-0600 Kathy
0600-1000 Kelsey -Breakfast
1000-1400 Andrew -Lunch
1400-1800 Dave -Dinner
1800-2100 Kathy
2100-2400 Kelsey

We've been eating lots of fresh and delicious Wahoo that we caught a few days ago.

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