Friday, May 04, 2012

Back in Hiva Oa

May 4, 2012
Baie Tahauku (Atuona) Hiva Oa, Marquesas
Anchorage Position: 09°48.1475'S 139°01.8658'W

Woke up to 100% overcast and rain showers this morning in Baie Hanamoenoa on Tahuata, even with rain, this is still one beautiful bay. Got the anchor up and underway before the coffee pot had time to whistle and motored out of the bay with a few fishing lines in tow. The rain showers turned into a full fledged tropical downpour with visibility restricted to less than 1/4 mile on our approach to Baie Tahauku. The Aranui III supply ship was off loading at the pier allowing for limited anchoring options with 17 boats already in the harbor and a pretty big swell closing out the head of the bay. We launched our dinghy, dropped the bow anchor then ran the stern anchor out to secure us fore and aft in alignment with the other yachts. With the anchors set we zipped on our combination shade covers and rain catchers to capture some of the tropical downpour. Andrew undeterred by the rain headed to shore to do some souvenir shopping. When the rain abated a bit we also stretched our legs with a walk to for some fresh baguette and a diet Coke, but got soaked before we made it back. Andrew is homeward bound tomorrow after 60+ days aboard LightSpeed, so we'll be making a early start for the airport to see him off.

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