Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sharks, Rays, Turtles and Octopus

May 1, 2012
Anchorage Position: 09°57.6306'S 139°07.1450'W

Anchored in Baie Hapatoni, Tahuata

Yesterday we did lots of snorkeling along the west coast of Tahuata. Using the dinghy as our base of operations we anchored it and swam at each of the rocky fingers that make up the many bays between Baie Hanamoenoa and Canal du Bordelasis to the North. We were hoping to find a knock out dive site with a large aggregation of fish, but it was pretty much all the same nice stuff. We did spot a black tip reef shark, Manta Ray, spotted eagle ray, sea turtle, octopus and lots of colorful fish. No lobster could be located despite a pretty intensive search in lots of nooks, crannies and likely looking holes.

Back on the boat around 1PM we BBQ'd some cheeseburgers with the last of our imported Mexican beef and toasted some baguettes for buns. Then we pulled anchor to explore South West coast of Tahuata and just as Andrew dropped in the fishing line he hooked up with a 40" Baracuda with some nasty looking teeth. Baracuda, although tasty, is likely ciguatoxic and not worth the risk so we released the fish. Resolved to catch dinner we continued fishing South to C. Tehopeotekeho rounding the Southerly most tip of Tahuata and sailing for Baie Hanateio where we contemplated anchorage. Wild horses roam a natural pasture ashore while wild goats grazed near the ridge line above. With mixed NE and SE swell Baie Hanateio would be workable for our catamaran, but rolly even for us, so we sailed the 7.5 nm back around to Baie Hanatefau to find a more peaceful anchorage.

Today we'll dinghy to the adjoining Baie Hapatoni to explore the small village of Hapatoni.

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