Friday, June 22, 2012

Ua Pou locals are great

 It's mango season.  We bought a huge bag of 50 mangos and have been drying the fruit as well as canning 14 pints.   The locals are super nice and it's hard to walk by a Mango tree with out the owner offering some fruit for free. 

We were also invited to a BBQ on the beach by the local canoe builder, music composer, and paddling coach.  It was a fun evening hanging out with the paddling club.  Ua Pou is famous for paddlers and this year the top paddler from the Marquesas is again from Ua Pou.  He'll be padding in August in Tahiti against up to 800 other entrants. 
 Church in Ua Pou

 Fresh tuna anyone?  We bought a 3 kilo fillet for 1000 xpf or about $3 per pound.
Henrick (s/v Misty), Kathy and the fisherman's family at the dock in Baie d' Hakahau Ua Pou.