Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Circumnavigationg Nuka Hiva. Daniel' Bay to Taiohae.

June 6, 2012
Taiohae Bay, Nuka Hiva, French Polynesia South Pacific

Anchorage Position: 08°54.95'S 140°06.15'W

We're back in Taiohae after checking out every single bay on Nuka Hiva. We didn't anchor in every bay, but we did cruise into each bay to take soundings, evaluate the possibilities of landing and the likely comfort at anchor. We wrapped the trip with a few days at Daniel's Bay where we hosted a beach bonfire one evening. As always we cooked our dinner on the fire including a breadfruit which turned out delicious. Just toss the breadfruit on some hot coals and rotate until all sides are charred then peel off the burned skin and enjoy.

We used our fire cooked breadfruit the next day in a egg scramble and even made potato salad using breadfruit in lieu of potatoes. Both are great substitutions and a nice way to go local with our meals.

We're getting our USA style propane bottled filled here in Taiohae, Nuka Hiva with a Butane via a arcane gravity fill procedure and it's not cheap! More on this later once we pick up our bottle.

It looks like we'll head to New Zealand for cyclone season this year. This is a departure from our idea to go WAY off the beaten path or stay long term in French Polynesia, but we think the new plan is lower risk and fits better into our overall long term plan. However, with 5 months until cyclone season we sure have plenty of time to change our plans a few more times.

That's it for now.

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