Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cost to fill a propane bottle in the Marquesas.

June 7, 2012
Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia, South Pacific

We carry three 20lb propane tanks aboard LightSpeed. One is dedicated to the BBQ and two to the galley stove/oven. It seems we've really gone through the propane fast these last months. Usually we get 45-60 days per bottle. So, running low we decided to bite the bullet and get a bottle filled here in the Marquesas before we head to the Tuamotu. I was looking at building a conversion hose and then buying a local bottle of Butane, but that would have required splicing a fitting into my brand new propane lines with hose clamps. Not ideal. So we had a bottle filled by the Yacht Services folks here on the pier in Taiohae Bay, Nuka Hiva. Ouch! 5000 French Pacific Franc (XPF) or $52 USD So, a full 20lb bottle of butane is pretty darn expensive. In contrast we could have bought a local bottle for 2650XPF, but then we'd need to jury rig the fittings. Advice to other boaters, bring a spare LPG pigtail with Northern America fitting on one end and a 1/4" fitting on the other. For here you could build a transfer hose with a quick trip to the hardware store here in the Marquesas.

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