Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Raroia, Tuamotu - Snorkeling drift through pass

July 3, 2012
Raroia Atoll, Tuamotu, French Polynesia, South Pacific Ocean
Anchorage Position near Village: 16°02.4156'S 142°28.2738'W

In the morning Kathy took our stand up paddle board (SUP) for a paddle around the lagoon and then to Regis and Tatianas house. Tatiana revealed the secret of a delicious sauce that goes great on fish, rice or vegetables.

Tatiana's secret sauce

4T Goldun brand brown mustard
1T sugar
1t Splash of Vinegar
2T Magie sauce
Diced Garlic to taste (2 cloves)
~2 cups Vegetable oil
Mix all ingredients then slowly power whisk or blend in oil with a mixer.

The local kids were enamored with the SUP board and before the day was over I think nearly everyone took it for a spin in the lagoon. Regis and Tatiana picked us up around noon for a snorkel trip to the pass where we dropped in outside and was carried by the current through the pass. With a strong flood tide running it was really an exhilarating trip to whip past the coral and fish at 4 knots. Water clarity was superb on the flooding tide. We made two drifts and then headed back for an afternoon of hanging in the lagoon on various boats. We hailed a local boy who was out paddling a pirogue outrigger canoe and Kathy took a few spins and only flipped over four times! It's evidently a lot harder than it looks. Later we had a fish beach BBQ at Regis and Tatianas wrapping up a great day.

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