Monday, July 30, 2012

Tahiti- Huge Sunday part 1

July 29, 2012
Marina Taina, Tahiti

On Sunday, the Papeete market overflows with shoppers and the vendors fill the surrounding streets with makeshift stalls.  Fruits, produce, fresh doughnuts, live chickens, this is the place early on Sunday mornings.  Since buses don't run on Sundays we early morning trip downtown via our 10.5 AB aluminum bottom inflatable dinghy powered with a Yamaha Enduro 15 horse power outboard.   It's 5.2 nautical miles from Marina Taina to the downtown Quay where we tied to the floating finger piers.  Loaded with fruits, vegetables and a beautiful bouquet of flowers we headed back to the boat.  Along the way we stopped to check out a wrecked sailboat that had gone on the reef a few months ago and salvaged a few window screens we'd been wanting.

Laundry was next on the list so we headed in to do a load a the marina Taina facility which is pretty sketchy with only 2 of the 4 washers working properly.  Each wash was 800XPF or $8.25USD per load.  Yeah, that stings and needless to say we opted to line dry our clothes on the boat. 

More later.