Friday, July 20, 2012

Toau Atoll - Anse Amyot Anchorage

July 20, 2012
Mooring Position: 15°48.2149 S 146°09.0777 W

Anse Amyot Anchorage, Toau atoll, Tuamotu, French Polynesai, South Pacific Ocean

The quest for fresh vegetables was a bust in Fakarava and we only ended up with one cucumber and three carrots none too fresh. About 9:30AM we hoisted the mainsail intending to sail off the anchor, but the chain was a little tangled on the bottom so we had to use the engines to maneuver to get the chain free. Winds out of the ESE at 20 knot building to 25+ later in the day made for a exhilarating and quick sail to Anse Amyot the cul-de-sac anchorage on the North end of Toau atoll. We averaged well over 8 knots with our best hours run 9.3 nautical miles made good and a top speed of 13.4 knots on a nice powered up surf. As we rounded the Eastern extremity of Toau the seas stacked up and the wind piped up to 26 knots True and the apparent wind came just forward of the beam making for some spirited hand steering and great surf rides.

We picked up a mooring here in Anse Amyot a cul-de-sac in the coral reef which makes a great all weather anchorage on the North end of Toau atoll. The mooring are 500xpf a night or about $6usd or you can trade for goods in lieu of cash payment (i.e. peanut butter or coffee are currently in demand). We swam from the boat about 100 meters to shore to check in with Valentine one of the locals who's known for her hospitality and great meals and mooring rentals. Since we are on the tail end of the South Pacific cruising boat migration, it just us and our friends Dean and Sabrine of s/v Local Talent here in Anse Amyot tonight.

That's it for now.

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