Friday, August 10, 2012

Tahiti X 2 Maket and Duty Free

August 10, 2012
Tahiti- Marina Taina mooring field.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this previously, but all the moorings on the North side of Marina Taina have been FREE as of late.  Apparently, the marina is having some issue with their insurance company and the new moorings and since the new moorings are not yet insured the Marina is not charging rent.  We sure aren't complaining.  But, users beware as some of the moorings may have issues.  One we tied up to on our last visit was definitely compromised as many of the strands of rope had parted near the large concrete anchor. 

Yesterday was exceedingly productive with the rebuild of the watermaker pump and a repair to a loose connection on the headsail furler.  The watermaker pump head on our Spectra Catalina 300 water maker started to leak so I installed the spare which was more involved than it might sound.  As for the furler ours is a Profurl and one of the joints on the lower section of the foil was showing a sizable gap.   The set screw that holds the sections together had stripped-out threads so I tapped two new holes and installed machine screws.  This is a semi-permanent fix except for the fact that the top end of the furler will not slide below the screws making for a more dificult job when loweing the jib.

Today we took the bus downtown and did lots of walking to an fro.  At the marine store we found a few items we could use, but nothing we could afford except a few fish hooks we truely needed.   Then it was off to the market for some fresh fruits and lunch then to the Kim Fa store to buy a few wines to taste test. When we check out of French Poly we can buy 1/2 liter of wine per person per day of passage to the next country at Duty Free prices.  This is a good deal, but so far the wines we opened tonight aren't so good.

It's super windy, like 25-30 knots in the anchorage so we raised the dinghy and are calling it a night.

That's it for now.