Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maupihaa - The makings of a perfect island.

September 18, 2012
Maupihaa SE Anchorage: 16°49.8138'S 153°55.8496'W

So what makes a perfect island?

Sparkling waters lapping shores of silky white sand? Sunny skies and a gentle warm breeze? Two perfectly spaced palm trees to hang a hammock? Solitude? Travel the world on a boat, perfect beaches, palm trees and crystal clear waters are easy to find. Frankly, they become sort of boring... just another perfect beach, one of thousands.

It's people that make for rich memorable experiences. A warm welcoming people greeting visitors with open arms. A people who reject the false happiness of conspicuous consumption, choosing a life of harmony as stewards to one of mother earth's few remaining pristine ecosystems. These are the people of Maupihaa.

Our days are truly rich here on Maupiihaa with so much love from our local hosts. Fishing together, cooking together, eating together, playing, dancing, sharing stories, weaving palm frond costumes, small fix-it projects, hunting for lobsters in the wee hours of night. Sailing out the pass for a several hour fishing expedition with 12 people aboard, learning local songs and basic Tahitian. Gathering on the beach for a game of volleyball, sitting in a circle stringing shell necklaces or singing along to island songs accompanied by Ukulele or Guitar. Being part of an island family. Being in the moment. Making memories of a lifetime. Never wanting to leave. This is our experience with Maupihaa. This is a perfect island.