Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Beach Combing on Manuae Atoll, Cook Islands

 So we spent a day beach combing on Manuae Island according to the chart, but it sure seems like an Atoll with it's coral ring.  There are two large motus and we walked the Easterly motu named Matara or Arikiruru making a day long rounding of the motu.  Lots of lobster shells liek these Kahty is holding.  We wish we could camp out here for the night and walk the shallow flats for lobster at night.  This would be the perfect spot for easy catching. 
 One of many fins. 
 Half a sailboard
 Paddle and soo many floats of every color and size.
 A very large glass float.  They haven't been making these for a long time so we can only guess this one is very old.
 Very cool green glass Japanese fishing float?
 Can you belive we found the other half of the sailboard a mile down the beach.  Remember this is an unihabited island so these two bits must have floated 550+nm from Tahiti?
 A steering wheel was one of the many oddities we came across.
 How about a Zunibl Tunaball 15 solar powered fishing device.  I goggled 'Zunibl Tunaball 15' and got exactly zero results.  I guess the next person to google this term will end up here. 
 Towing my loot home.  The Zunibal was too heavy to carry very far so, I've reverted back to my childhood as I tow the Zuni like a boat.  I hope to salvage the solar panels for another project.
 We found this contraption in a cyclone damage home on Mauae, any guesses on what this is?  I think it's a small batch distiller. Any guesses?
 Another fin and later I found the match to this as well.  Similar things usually end up grouped on the beach together.
 One of too many piles of fishing net.
Fishing Vessel Stryker 70920 of New Zealand we found one of your floats on Manuae in the Cooks Islands at around 19°16'S    158°54.8' W.  It's still there if you want to pick it up.