Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fishing streak broken

November 4, 2012
Underway position at 8:30AM local (GMT-10): 19°18'S 159°00' W

We've finally broken our long fishing streak with some catching. After change of the watch at 6AM I was just putting my head on the pillow, drifting off to sleep when the sound of a screaming fishing reel had me bolt awake. I jumped on deck while Kathy slowed the boat so we could fight the fish. Our cat Shell, despite being a picky eater, gets quite excited at the sound of the reel and splashing as the fish jumps near the boat. We've trained Shell since she was a kitten that certain areas of the boat are off limits, especially anywhere near the edge. So just when Kathy and I are at the stern with the struggling fish, guess who shows up? We tell Shell 'NO' in a stern voice and she cries in protest before scampering back to the cockpit. Then just when you're not looking she's back to see what you've caught. After three such incidents I got out the squirt bottle and fired a warning shot of water and she high tailed it back inside with a few more protesting cries. Last night Kathy caught the cat standing on top of the pilot house at 3AM (hopefully curiosity doesn't...). Shell fell off the boat while we were anchored in Aitutaki a few weeks ago, but her cries woke us and we plucked her out of the water in the middle of the night. At sea, underway I don't think we'd have any chance recovering her.

So enough about our cat, we landed a 18lb Wahoo, our favorite fish. As is our practiced routine, I gaff and bleed the fish while Kathy prepares to do the filleting. Once she has a full fillet off then I skin the fillet and package meal sized portions in the galley. So much for getting any more sleep after all the excitement. Now that Manuae is in full view we'll start to scout out an anchorage outside the reef, get the anchor set and then start looking for a pass to run the dinghy through. From there we'll have a full day of exploring an uninhabited island.

That's it for now.

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