Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Giant Clams and Turtle nests Manuae Cook Islands

 Giant clams are on the CITES listing as endangers.  Evidence of poaching is not what you want to find when you arrive at a remote uninhabited Manuae Atoll or is it Manuae Island.  Either way these giant clams are probably 40+ years old and however old very slow growing.  We must have just missed those harvesting the clams as there were still bits of flesh in the shells.
 Here is a small coral head with a healthy unmolested population of giant clams.  Each dark squiggle in the coral is a clam about 8-10" long or 25cm.  There are alot of clams on the chunk of coral.   Click on the image and zoom in.
 More clams on a different coral head.
 Close up of a clam.  This clam is underwater and the camera is above the water.  Pretty clear water I'd say.
Kathy points to one of many many turtle nests we found while beach combing on Manuae, Cook Islands.