Wednesday, April 10, 2013

46 pound Tuna Sushi feast and drive around Nuku Hiva

 Dressed up for Easter at the Catholic Notre Dame cathedral in Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas.  The service was in Marquesasan and a unique cultural experience.
 Sushi feast from a 46 pound Yellow fin tuna I caught in the bay from our dinghy.
 Kahty's Poisson Cru (raw fish, coconut cream tomatoes and cucumber)
 Lightly seared sesame crusted Yellow fin tuna.  The trick is to really briefly sear each side then quickly get the fish back in the fridge to stop the cooking.  Delicious.
 Scenes from our drive around Nuku Hiva.  This is the birds eye view of Hatiheu Bay.
 This photo
 Wild goats lounge along the road.  On the North coast very little of the road is paved and if it's rained lately the road becomes impassable even in a 4 wheel drive.
 Nuku Hiva's rugged coastline
 Wild pigs rooting in some soft mud.
 Million dollar views in all directions and not a single home can be spotted on the north coast.
 Yet another incredible vista with more crags.
 Hidden bays abound.
 Towering cliffs shrouded in a mysterious veil of cloud.
 A outcrop of Carins is one of the few reminders that any human has touch this forgotten North coast.
 The road turns into a goat trail on the North Coast and eventually the brush grows clear across teh road.  Our average speed for our round the island tour was 10mph, but many hours was sub 5 mph as we creaped along in 4 wheel LOW range crawling through mud and over boulders.  Again, don't evn think about this drive if it's been raining or may rain.   You need a full day and plenty of provisions in case you get stranded which could easily happen.
 The only sign of the day indicated we should turn left and fjord a river.
 Yes, these are pine trees in the cool cloud laced mountains of Nuku Hiva
 Wild horses abound, we saw hundreds in the course of our drive.
 Another vista with another waterfall to enjoy as we climb into the mountains.
 Cloud forest to Desert Nuku Hiva has it all.
 Near the 4000+ summit a round rainbow circles us as we shoot this photo of the valley below.  See the shape in the circular rainbow.  That's me waving.  We definitely found our pot of gold on this great outing.
Our rental Suzuki was tested to the limit on this drive.

 Cowboy with a wild looking horse in tow.
 Ever changing scenery and a incredible breadth of plants and environments made a car tour of Nuku Hiva  a highlight of our visit.

Carved map of the Nuku Hiva
Shell looking perturbed after a swim lesson to hone her skills of climbing rope ladders we dangle off the boat.