Thursday, April 11, 2013

Major course correction, a new plan written in wet sand...

A yearning for a sense of place has been slowly displacing our wanderlust this past year.  The allure of a garden full of green vegetables, proximity to family and friends, professional achievement and more permanent neighbors has been taking root.  These are things we both want and need at some point, but this past week our wanderlust has been making a strong showing.

We are now on the brink of an 'ALL IN' course correction.  Despite many months of staging for a sail to Hawaii, Alaska and San Francisco we're ready to write it off and set sail for Indonesia.  Kathy is super excited to explore SE Asia and Dave is dreaming of a follow up circumnavigation.

So the plan for 2013 written in wet sand at low tide is...

To quickly transit the South Pacific spending a little time in Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, PNG, and then slowing down for a three month cruise of Indonesia, arriving in Singapore around mid- November.  Job leads, paying crew and private charters referrals would all be welcome.   Help us keep the dream alive.