Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wallis and Fatuna

June 20, 2013
Anchorage Position: 13°20.4528 S 176°13.5172 W
Wallis Island

Check-in/out at Wallis is super easy and quick and FREE. The locals are super friendly making hitch hiking around the island easier than catching a cab. The grocery store is well stocked if a bit more expensive than French Polynesia and there is an enormous hardware store with incredible inventory.

We'd enjoy spending more time here exploring the land and lagoon, but the weather looks good for a sail to Fiji.

For those heading to Savu Savu, Fiji we'll pass along some advice from friends who've been in country for 6 months. Brown sugar, mayonnaise, chocolate, nutella, cheese, bullion and cat litter are best purchased elsewhere as they are either very expensive, unavailable or strange like the sweet flavored mayonnaise.

That's it for now.

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