Thursday, July 18, 2013

Savu Savu to Suva water fall hike.

 Cute feral cats near the Suva commercial wharfs.
 Kathy making a face in front of the movie theatre in down town Suva.
 Waterfront walk near downtown Suva, Fiji.
 Local kids who chased us down along the Suva waterfront and asked for a picture.
 RSYC security guard who asked for a picture.
 Catamaran Looping getting positoned on the Royal Suva Yacht Club slipway.  RSYC club house in background.
 No outdoor adventure is complete with a i-phone.
 Hike through rain forest near Suva, Fiji.
 Dave giving the rope a test run.
 Kathy ready for a swing.
 Cousins Bruce and Tim.
 Bruce mid air.
 Savu Savu Copra Shed marina near sunset.

Cakau Momo reef Fiji .  This is a old navigation aid on the west side of the reef CHARTED near 17-38.380 south and 179-15.485 east.   It seemed the CM93 charts were off near the reef so use caution navigating near Cakaumom reef.  We tied to old mooring inside the reef and swam for the outer edge of the reef, but the current was strong sweeping off the reef so we bailed and swam back to s/v LightSpeed.