Thursday, August 29, 2013

Map of Pacific Ocean circa 1589

A cool map of the Pacific Ocean circa 1589.

More interesting historical maps can be found here:

We're in Suva finishing up our provisioning.  We're planning for 6 months without a major resupply, so that's lots of shopping.

Next stop western Fiji then sailing for Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fiji fire walking Hindu style

Fire walking in Fiji.

When one thinks of fire walking in Fiji, images of Indigenous Fijians fire walking on hot stones come to mind.  This type of fire walking is called Na Vilavilirevo and originated on the island of Beqa.  Traditionally, the annual event required months of perpetration under the direction of cheif.  Today, it's a popular tourist show at Pacific Harbor and other resorts around Fiji and can be seen six days a week.  It's not a show to miss, but a world apart from the religious significance of the southern Indian Hindu tradition.

The Hindu tradition of Fire Pooja is a bit more sacred.  It's a 3 to 10 day event with prayer, fasting and meditation leading up to a climax  event of body piercing and walking repeatedly across hot coals. In Suva it's held at the 'Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam's (TISI SangamRaj Maha Mariamman Temple on Howell street. 
 The firewalking pit was definitely hot as some of the younger walkers noticeably sped up the last few steps. A few very devote walked a much slower pace in a trance like state.
 Raj Maha Mariamman Temple
 Rhythmic dancing and chantings.
 Lots of piercings with metal pitch fork shaped needles as seen on this guys back.
 Piercing through the cheeks with an arrow has got to leave some marks.
 This costume was incredible and the dancer incredibly entergetic
 An array of musical instruments provided a trance inducing rhythm and cadence to everyone's movements
 Tons of piercing including a metal pot hanging from the cheek piercings

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Royal Suva Yacht Club Slipway can handle catamarans.

 Catamaran LightSpeed looking good with her new paint and mostly waxed hulls.

 LightSpeed off the rack on a 1.96 meter tide
 Supportive cruisers who showed up around 7:30AM for the launch.
 Slipway winch.
 View looking down the rail with the Suva Yacht Club in the background.
 Tired, but happy crew of LightSpeed after painting the boat in one day.
 Job well done.

 Kathy preps the hull for paint.
 Adding a block to the winch line to ensure a smooth pull.
LightSpeed on her way out of the water.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watermaker and domestic water system

Pressure water (2010)

Jabsco Sensor Max VSD delivers steady flow and constant pressure for house like performance with no cycling and near silent operation.

  • Electronically Controlled Variable Flow
  • Solid state pressure sensor means no pressure switch to wear out.
  • Controls pressure by changing motor speed.
  • Gives constant flow and hot water mix.
  • Eliminates need for accumulator tank.
  • Self-priming and can run dry without damage.

Spectra Watermaker (refurbished 2010/2012)

Spectra Catalina 300 the Gold standard for watermakers.  Meticulously maintained and constantly upgraded this is the ultimate spare no expense water production system that's  easy to operate and delivers super pure great tasting water. 
12.5 gallons / 47 liters fresh water per hour.
Easily powered by solar panels with unmatched energy efficiently.  Just 15 Watt/hr per gallon.
Clark Pump (Intensifier) factory refurbished at Spectra Sausalito, CA (2010).
Reverse osmosis membrane replaced (Apr-2012)
Mag-drive feed pump head (Aug-2012)
Spares:  Extensive Clark pump rebuild kit goes beyond basics.
Specialty Tools:  Clark pump wrenches, picks, food grade silicon, etc.
Repair/Rebuild manual.
Operation instructions posted on wall at watermaker.
Spare: Prefilters, Spectra storage and cleaning compounds.
Custom install allows fresh water flush including true back flush of prefilters. 

All watermaker components are wall mounted in the port hull sail locker.   Also shown in this photo is the combination saltwater / fresh water washdown pump and compact hose.

Tank Tender

Tank Tender operates on air pressure. Select the tank, then pump a small amount of air through tubing to the bottom of the tank. When the air pressure in the tube equals the liquid pressure at the bottom of the tank, the gauge displays this pressure in inches of liquid.