Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watermaker and domestic water system

Pressure water (2010)

Jabsco Sensor Max VSD delivers steady flow and constant pressure for house like performance with no cycling and near silent operation.

  • Electronically Controlled Variable Flow
  • Solid state pressure sensor means no pressure switch to wear out.
  • Controls pressure by changing motor speed.
  • Gives constant flow and hot water mix.
  • Eliminates need for accumulator tank.
  • Self-priming and can run dry without damage.

Spectra Watermaker (refurbished 2010/2012)

Spectra Catalina 300 the Gold standard for watermakers.  Meticulously maintained and constantly upgraded this is the ultimate spare no expense water production system that's  easy to operate and delivers super pure great tasting water. 
12.5 gallons / 47 liters fresh water per hour.
Easily powered by solar panels with unmatched energy efficiently.  Just 15 Watt/hr per gallon.
Clark Pump (Intensifier) factory refurbished at Spectra Sausalito, CA (2010).
Reverse osmosis membrane replaced (Apr-2012)
Mag-drive feed pump head (Aug-2012)
Spares:  Extensive Clark pump rebuild kit goes beyond basics.
Specialty Tools:  Clark pump wrenches, picks, food grade silicon, etc.
Repair/Rebuild manual.
Operation instructions posted on wall at watermaker.
Spare: Prefilters, Spectra storage and cleaning compounds.
Custom install allows fresh water flush including true back flush of prefilters. 

All watermaker components are wall mounted in the port hull sail locker.   Also shown in this photo is the combination saltwater / fresh water washdown pump and compact hose.

Tank Tender

Tank Tender operates on air pressure. Select the tank, then pump a small amount of air through tubing to the bottom of the tank. When the air pressure in the tube equals the liquid pressure at the bottom of the tank, the gauge displays this pressure in inches of liquid.