Friday, October 25, 2013

Kite boarding update. F One kites

We're stoked about learning to kiteboard.  After 3 lessons, Dave was riding upwind and even made a few direction changes without getting wet.  Kathy is natural on the board, likely due to her collegiate water ski days at California State University Long Beach.  I hope to strap our GoPro camera to the kite for digital capture very soon.

We just ordered some kites from Travis at and we'll have them shipped via USPS Priority mail to the Marshall Islands.  We're going with last years model of the F-One Bandit 6 kite and our quiver consists of 8/10/12/14 which has lots of overlap, but should have us riding in a broad range of wind conditions. For 20+ days Kathy can fly a Cabrinha Convert 7m thanks to Teri and Philip of s/v Blue Bie.

 F One Bandit 6 kites.
Kathy has a new 8m White/Blue Bandit 6 just like this on the way.  (I borrowed this photo from the www)