Friday, October 04, 2013

Newest 'Plan' = North to Alaska in 2014

Ok, so a few weeks ago we were all committed and 'off the fence and sailing west' toward Asia.  Taking our time sailing through Indonesia and maybe looking for jobs in Singapore.  After tens of hours planning and blowing $300 on visitor visas for PNG, Dave developed cold feet about living on the boat in Singapore where it's always super hot and steamy and far too crowded.   Running low on cash we've been outlining the next chapter of our life and decided to list LightSpeed for sale to keep options open.  For a few days we even contemplated a rushed circumnavigation, but the schedule would be tight with little cash to properly enjoy side trips like an African Safari.

Those who follow our blog know our plans are wish washy at best. So, it will come as no surprise that we've devised yet another 'new plan' and now intend to sail north to the Marshall islands.  But, before we go we're taking kiteboarding lessons here in Fiji, so we can enjoy the near perfect kiteboarding conditions found in the Marshall islands from January to May of next year.

I have my crystal ball out at the moment and I can clearly see us sailing from the Marshall Islands for Dutch Harbor, Alaska around mid-May 2014.  Sun soaked summer days filled with adventure in the Aleutian Islands, Kodiak, Prince William Sound and great fishing in SE Alaska and British Columbia are much more exciting than Singapore!   The crystal ball is getting a little foggy, so final destination must be San Francisco in Oct/Nov 2014?

Anyway, that's this weeks plan and Kathy and I are really aligned and looking forward on this one.  Stay tuned.

2014 Plan.  Fiji in lower left to Alaska to San Francisco.