Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 5 @ 8pm sailing from Fiji to Tarawa, Kiribati.

TIME: 2013/11/11 08:19
LATITUDE: 03-52.11S
LONGITUDE: 175-45.38E
SPEED: 5.0

Tonight we reaching north with with our asymmetrical drifter. True wind is ESE at 9 and we're sailing at 120 app at 5 knots with the main sail stowed. The main is a pain in light conditions as backs and slats nosily in these light conditions. The a-sail is perfectly quiet, just the whooshing of water along the hull as we coast along through the night.

Around sunset we arrived at the seamount fishing spot I'd identified this morning and almost on cue the reel started to sing. After a clunky take down of the a-sail we reeled in and released a 3' grey shark. No other fish decided to join us for dinner so we opened a can of chili con carne and Kathy made up a pan of homemade cornbread. Delicious!

That's it for now.