Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LightSpeed- Underway Kiribati to Majuro, Marshall Islands

TIME: 2013/11/20 01:30
LATITUDE: 03-21.80N
LONGITUDE: 172-32.55E
SPEED: 6.4

About 260nm to Majuro, so we should arrive on Friday with just enough time to check-in with Customs and Immigration. Excitement for yesterday was departing Tarawa, Kiribati. Our four day stay at the capital city of Kiribati was too long. Trash of epic quantities line the lagoon shore the roads and pretty much every square inch of the dusty dirty town of Betio. We're sure that more remote portions of Kiribati are beautiful and I have no doubt that I-Kirbatians are friendly, but onerous regulations discouraged us from spending more time in the capital waiting for permit approval to go elsewhere.

Everyone was friendly enough, but it's a sad place.

On a positive note we met Tom and Vivienne of s/v Imajica and enjoyed a fun evening aboard sampling Tom's homebrew beer.

We caught a really nice Mahi Mahi today breaking our streak of fishing with some catching.

It's HOT HOT HOT at 3 degrees north of the equator.

That's it for now.

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