Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LightSpeed- Underway Kiribati to Majuro, Marshall Islands ETA Friday

TIME: 2013/11/20 20:07
LATITUDE: 05-17.06N
LONGITUDE: 172-32.92E
SPEED: 5.4

About 150nm remaining to Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands. Light winds mixed with squalls and lightening overnight. GRIB model suggest we'll get NE 15 later today which would be nice compared to the 4 knots and lump seas we have now. We're about 50 SSE of Mili atoll and hope to pick up the stonger NE winds as we round Mili and reach overnight toward Majuro.

So far we've traveled 1362 (as a crow flies) from Vanua Levu, Fiji.

Vanua Levu to Rotuma 42 hours underway, 1 yellow fin tuna and 4 squalls mentioned in log entries.

Rotuma to Tarawa, Kiribati 172 hours underway and 1 yellow fin tuna eaten and 1 grey shark released 12 squalls mentioned in logbook

Kiribati to Majuro, Marshall Islands 57 hours (estimated) and 1 Mahi Mahi and 4 squalls mentioned in logbook.

Despite the light winds and squally weather, it's really been a pleasant voyage overall. Looking forward to picking up our new Kiteboarding kites in Majuro, uploading photos to the blog and catching up with cruising friends.

That's it for now