Friday, January 31, 2014

Way behind!

After a few wonderful weeks in Maloelap and Aur atolls we started looking at weather for the sail back to Majuro.  James 'Bond' who runs the health clinic at Aur atoll asked if we would give his daughter a ride back to Majuro and also one of her classmates.  Usually they fly, but a free boat ride is always better.  We agreed and the next morning picked up the girls for the long day sail back to Majuro.  It was pretty windy and rough and the poor girls were pretty much sick the entire way puking in buckets.  

We arrived in Majuro just in time for a huge New Years Eve block party where they close the main road for several blocks for live music and concession stands.  It was all very festive and good fun for all.   

A few days into the New Year I was looking for an aluminium pole on which to mount my new Simrad 3G broadband radar dome.  I spoke with Neal Skinner the owner of EZPrice who had what I needed and then the topic of a trade came up.  More discussion and I ended with the aluminium pole and a two week business consulting gig at EZPrice (I did get more than the pole in the deal!).  It was good fun to engage my brain working on business analytic tools. Neal is out of the country, but we plan to sit down and discuss more opportunities around mid-February.

Lots of social activities here, racing, kiting, boat projects and work and pretty soon a month goes by with no blog posts.  At a recent MBYC  (Mieco Beach Yacht Club) meeting I was elected Yacht Race Director and Kathy Events Director... We've never been so busy as a cruisers, in fact Kathy had to start using here Calendar app on her phone.

We're very much enjoying our time here in the Marshall Islands!   Kathy has been doing lots of networking and has job prospects ranging from Adjunct Professor of Science at College of the Marshall Islands to National Budget Director at the Marshall Islands Ministry of Finance. 

At the moment we're anchored at Enemanet island for a Saturday afternoon birthday party and have another party at Eneko island on Sunday.