Monday, March 24, 2014

MBYC Race 5 Majuro Harbor and Saturday low tide walk

 Beach walk group.  We shuttled a group of cruisers and expats down to Enemanet aboard LightSpeed and they walked back to town.
 The walk was pretty gorgeous.
 A stop at Nan's garden island was a special treat and a welcome break.  Nan on left.
 The walkers fording a a gap between islands durring a low tide.  Actually, the low tide was only 0.5 meter and not too low, but it still worked ok.
 MBYC Race 5 aboard LightSpeed with special guests US Ambasador Tom and wife Kathy.
 Cherokee Rose battled it out with Tribute, but eventually snuck past to garner 2nd overall and second to finish.
 Tribute had a early lead and battled fiercley with Cherokee Rose around the race course.
 AKA took 1st place on corrected time and had a beautifuly timed start.
 LightSpeed had fun, but due to a tough handicap only took line honors.
Opus looked really good on the last race of the 2013/2014 season.  Nige as a new boat owner definitely gets the award of most improved.