Sunday, April 13, 2014

El Nino 2014 Majuro Storm tracks

NOAA is predicting El Nino in 2014.  Check out the latest 


Cool interactive historical tracks data:

...and some cool history of storms in the Marshall Islands

Historical storm tracks within 200nm miles of Majuro atoll.

In 1905 a severe storm killed 227 people including 70 inhabitants of Nadikdik atoll which was remains uninhabited still today.  In 1918 a severe storm devastated Majuro atoll drowning 200 people.  Check out this link for more great info.

 Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands

Majuro is the yachting center of the Marshall Islands.  Many sturdy moorings are available for rent starting at $1 per day.  Check-in is easy and visitors from nearly any country can extend their visit up to 1 year for only $200 payable to immigration.