Saturday, May 17, 2014

Makeover of the water maker.

 Stormy sunset in Majuro, Marshall Islands.  Bright lights from the commercial tuna fishing fleet add a post apocalyptic twist.
 Old Spectra water maker layout.  This is a bastardised Catalina 300 system.  The Mag pump was having real issues and so I wanted to replace it with two smaller Shurflow pumps part number 8008-943-839
 New feedpump arrangement.  These Shurflow 125 psi feed pumps are part number 8008-943-839 and the exact part # sold by Spectra.  I was able to eliminate my old wash down pump and the grey valve shown at the lower left will be my wash down hose connection point.  The red valve just above the filter housing can feed in fresh water to flush the system or provide the deck wash-down with fresh water.

Spectra List Price:
Shurflow 8008-943-839 $339..... My cost $213 @
Fan $92....                                    My cost $7 on ebay.
Heat sink $33....                           My cost $13.
Total:  $464....                             My total cost $233
I relocated the Clark pump and membrane into a cabinet, so the whole wall of gear shown above has now disappeared.

Does this part look new to you?  It's a high pressures fitting for our Spectra water maker.  The corroded threads, spanner marks and galling on the inside mating surface indicate to me that it's clearly been used.  The local dealer sold it as new.   We also attempted to purchase a water filter housing, but it took 2.5 days for the dealer to produce a incomplete part and on the 4th day the dealer suggested we 'make the remaining parts ourselves', so needless to say that was a big waste of money.   All along the local Spectra dealer was anchored aboard his boat only 150' away, but the service and parts provided were less than 3rd world.   US mail only takes about 6 days and ordering from a mainland dealer would be our strong suggestion.