Monday, June 23, 2014

A few photos from around Majuro Lagoon

Summer Solstice BBQ.
 Dave s/v LightSpeed and Teri s/v Blue Bie give one of the tame pigs a pet.
 Enemanet is currently home to quite a few pigs and seems to be in need of a huge BBQ.  LightSpeed and Concerto in the distance.
 Norm post spearfishing near Enemanet, Majuro, Marshall Islands
 MIR (Marshall Islands Resort)

 RRE shoreline dock, bar and fuel pier.  This is the best place to land a dinghy.
 Looking to the South with Uliga dock and the south mooring field beyond.
 RRE North anchorage with s/v Pogeyen (catamaran) and s/v Tribute.
 RRE North anchorage with s/v Stevens, s/v Navigator, s/v ? s/v Changing Spots (catamaran), s/v Miami and s/v Goodnews.
Majuro Lagoon, Marshall Islands looking toward the NNW.