Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Bikar Atoll photos for Karen

Hi Karen,

Here's a few photos of Bikar atoll.  Sorry, just point and shoot stuff.

Can't suggest anyone try to take a yacht through the pass... we're lucky LightSpeed is not one of the many wrecks there.  Very, very , very technical.  Best for a small powerboat, but not sailboats.

 Coral heads at low tide
 One of many many clams
 Low tide between islets
 Looking toward the ocean
 Sailing along the shoals inside Bikar lagoon
 Northern islet of Bikar atoll
 Northern islet, southern end.
 Cool blue glass bottle on the windward side of Bikar atoll.
 One of many shipwrecks that remind potential visitors that this truely a dangerous atoll to enter/exit.
 Sand island near the middle of the east side of the lagoon.
 Sand island near the NW corner of Bikar atoll
Japanese monument on eroded by storms.