Thursday, June 26, 2014

LightSpeed Underway today for Alaska

June 27, 2014

We're getting underway today June 27, 2014 around noon (Majuro time) and hope to make one stop at uninhabited Bikar atoll before the long voyage north.

Sailing from Majuro, Marsahll Islands to Dutch Harbor, Alaska on a small boat is going to be a challenging voyage with everything going right. At the moment I have some doubts about our communications as we're using aN Iridium Satellite phone from Global Marine Networks, GMN has been a huge disappointment in every respect.  The first phone they sent to us untested and guess what it was DOA.  Most recently, I've made no headway obtaining our new satellite phone number which they could have sent to us nearly a week ago, if they had a clue.
Customer dis-service will not return our emails in less than 24-48 hours.  All of this makes me concerned that our coverage may be interrupted en route due to ongoing incompetence at Global Marine Networks.  That being said if those who follow our blog see more than three (3) days pass with no blog update then we'd appreciate some shore side support to contact GMN on our behalf and ensure they haven't buggered something up.  Communications in the north pacific while dodging storms are critical.

And of course it's possible that the new phone GMN provided could also break, so don't worry if you don't hear from us for many weeks and GMN checks out.   We have an EPIRB for emergencies.

So, here are the particulars of our account

David Kane
Iridium Sim card number:  8988169326000433643
Phone IMEI: 300115011233070

Global Marine Networks
GMN Help Desk
1.877.379.8723 (USA) Press “201” for Support when the auto attendant answers which they have not in the past!

Iridium Customer Support
1.866.947.4348 (Option 3) (USA)
001.480.752.5155 (Option 3) (International)


David and Kathy Kane
KF7TDY ham
USCG 1058693