Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More great customer service.

More great customer service.

One of my Espar Airtonric D4 heaters exhaust hoses had rusted out and even though it's never below 80F here in the Marshall Islands I like to run the heaters once a month to keep them in working condition.  So, I placed an order with a company I've been using since 2010.  

Lucky for me Ray Lawrence, President of Esparparts caught an error in my order.  I had ordered 24mm pipe when I really needed 30mm double wall.  Ray emailed me to point out that I really needed 30mm pipe and this saved me at least $150 in shipping and a whole lot of inconvenience.  A big thanks to Ray for his thoroughness, expertise and professionalism. 

Ray even shipped USPS Priorty mail which took a special trip to the post office as this is not a regular shipping option for them.

If you have Espar heaters it would be hard to beat when it comes time to order spare parts.

Espar Parts Phone -800.837.3900  Fax-800.837.3900

Thanks Ray!