Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Underway Day 20 LightSpeed Sailing from Marshall Islands to North America

July 16, 2014 @ Noon local or (UTC July 16 @ 0000)

Day 20 LightSpeed Sailing from Marshall Islands to North America

Underway position: 24 56N 173 12E

148nm day/1233nm trip total

Course 090
Speed 5.7

Wind 7 @ 110T
40 % Cloud cover
1015 mbar
Air temp 85F
Sea temp 84F

Yesterday we finally got the long awaited wind shift and 116nm of the 148nm sailed since noon were due east. Without the shift it was looking like we'd end up in Kamchatka!

Today seas are nearly calm but for easterly ground swell that provides a subtle reminder that we're actually sailing. There is no wind noise only the rushing of water along the hulls making for some very pleasant sailing. Our game plan is to sail east along 25N as long as possible, we could angle a bit more north and find considerably stronger winds, but we might also find confused seas and a convergence zone where the low pressure that disrupted the normal E winds is crashing into a high pressure. We'll stick with the bliss as long as possible.

The highest wind since noon yesterday was 10 knots and that was only for an hour, since 10PM last night we had a maximum of 8 knots true and mostly 6-7 knots. LightSpeed is delighted with the conditions and our our boat speed has yet to dip below 5 knots and is mostly hovering in the high 5's. I'm sure glad we sorted out the stuck storm jib yesterday as we are using every inch of sail running at 48 degrees apparent in wind mode on the autopilot.

Last night Kathy treated us to pepperoni pizza and also baked a loaf of bread in the pre-heated oven. Just after diner we were treated with another green flash with local sunset occurring at 7:25PM at our location in the middle of nowhere some 2000 miles due west of Honolulu.

That's it for now.

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