Monday, August 11, 2014

80 miles to Dutch

August 11, 2014 @ 6AM

Underway position: 53 34 N 168 26 W

Course 067T
Speed 7

About 80nm to Dutch Harbor, so we should arrive there this evening. Yesterday, we were overtaken by a fast moving Low pressure system, but it wasn't too bad, sort of like ripping a band-aid off real fast. The Low brought SE winds ahead of the beam and at times tidal currents combined with a 2M WNW swell and 2.5 SSE wind waves created some nasty confused seas. It was hard to slow LightSpeed down as she wanted to gallop and fly at times relishing the power of the wind, but at times forgetful of the lumpy seas and the hard landings that occur with 10-12 knots of boat speed. After reefing the jib twice, we finally furled completely, so Kathy could be convinced to bake some salmon and steam some rice for dinner. Once the dishes were clean we unfurled a bit of jib and immediately jumped back into the 8 knot range. Eventually, the front passed and lighter SW winds filled in behind providing little drive and our speed slipped into the 6's with full jib.

Water temperatures ranged from 44.2F to 52.5F over the course of day. Below 50 condensation on the hull below waterline becomes much more pronounced, below 48F water temps it gets much worse at a non-linear rate.

I'm a little rummy from lack of sleep, so that's it for now.

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