Saturday, August 02, 2014

Adak Island to Atka Island Aleutians

August 2, 2014

Underway Position: 51 57' N 175 27' W

Course 080T
Speed 6.3 knots

It's go, go, go for LightSpeed. We sailed out of Sweeper Cove around noon yesterday and headed through Kagalaska Strait and then over to Quail Bay on Kagalaska Island. The seas were running 2 meters on the outside, but entrance to Quail Bay was easy at lower tide as all the hazards were readily visible. It was free of seaweed and kelp and plenty wide, but beware that the chart for the area is of low quality and geo-referencing is off a bit showing the pass a bit east of it's actual position. The fish were jumping in the bay and leaping up the small water falls to spawn in the lake at the head of the bay. Best time to fish is on the flood tide at least 3' or greater as the fish consolidate near the creek at high water. We scored 4 sockeye, baking one fillet for dinner pressure canning the others.

Today we're on the go again, trying to make some eastward progress. The weather looks like it's going to get pretty terrible mid-next week, so the dilemma now is go direct to Dutch Harbor or go extra slow harbor hopping. I'm leaning toward harbor hopping, but we need a really good anchorage for when this next low pressure system hits. Tonight we might stop at Atka island or maybe not, it depends on the latest weather forecast that will download after we upload this message.

That's it for now.

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