Saturday, August 09, 2014

Day off ... waiting for weather

August 9, 2014

Anchor Position: 52 06.4 N 174 37.3W

Side arm of Deep Bay, Atka Island, Aleutians, Alaska

Yesterday we had wind, rain and fog and 50F temps, based on our observations that makes it a typical day in the Aleutians. Our day was remarkable as we didn't really do much, I ran the water maker, Kathy made bread, but otherwise we didn't even launch the dinghy, it was a day of rest and the first time we've anchored in the same place twice since Bikar atoll. The fish that were teeming in the bay just a few days ago seemed to have all moved up to the lake, so we had pizza for dinner using the last of our ingredients. Our provisions are finally running low after 42 days, we still have plenty of food, it just all the perishable stuff is long gone and the fridge is pretty empty. In Adak the selection was slim and the prices very high so we only bought a dozen eggs, 2 pounds of flour, two cans of tomato paste and 7 oranges.

Our pilot house is nice and warm thanks to the Espar D4 Airtronic forced air heater. We only run the heater during the day and the power and fuel consumption are minimal. On low the heater puts out 3400BTU/hr (1kW) and consumes only 0.03 gal/hr (0.13 L/hr)diesel and only 0.6 amps at 12 volts. Running 12 hours a day on low for a week consumes 2.5 gallons of diesel, that's just 0.36 gallons a day and 7 amps which is very manageable. At 'High' 10200BTU/hr (3kW) output fuel consumption jumps to 0.1 gal/hr (0.38 L/hr)and 2 amps of current, however we can't use that much heat as we're only warming our pilot house. Our second Espar D4 heater is a backup and as currently ducted blows directly into our shower creating an ad hoc drying room for wet clothes or a much welcome super hot sauna/shower.

That's it for now.

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