Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Aleutian Pictures

 Cape Kigun, Atka Island.  Rough landing between pinnacles of rock and Pacific swell..
 Wreck of f/v City of Seattle at Cape Kigun, Atka Island, Aleutian Islands Alaska.
 Looking through a broken pilot house window into the shipwrecked City of Seattle crabber.
 Looking seaward through fog toward LightSpeed anchored just offshore of ship wreck.
 Bechevin Bay Bomber is just beyond berm at the head of Bechevin Bay.

Graffiti on inside skin of plane.
Panoramic looking seaward form head of Bechevin bay to the NE.
 Reindeer on Atka Island were prolific.  Usually, we see a dozen or more in every bay on Atka.
 Fishing along the north coast of Atka was more catching than fishing.
 Dave trying to outrace a sly fox for a recently landed fish.
 Fox, Fish, Dave.
 Curious fox picking up scraps.
  Curious fox picking up more fish scraps

  Male Sockeye Salmon
 Half a Sockeye salmon deboned and ready to dry with a brown sugar and salt dry marinade.
Cove on east side of Island point.
Continuation of panoramic more to south and east.  Note: This calm bay had 50+ knots of wind gusts, maybe near 60+ knots when there was a S or SW wind blowing 35-40.
 Cabin on isthmus of Island point, Atka Island had initials and dates from 1978 and 1980 outside the door.
Cabin overrun with wild flowers
 Nice rack.
 LightSpeed in side arm bay of Deep bay, Atka Island.
 Double click on this photo and zoom in to see all the fish fins, lots of Sockeye here.
 Fish, rod and Kathy lounging in the distance.
 Nice Sockeye Salmon

 City of Seattle Shipwreck on Atka Island

Dave building a crab pot from scavenged scraps.

Female Sockeye Salmon

Yep, this was pretty good visibility.  Only rain, not thick fog.
Kathy sporting some warm clothes, boots and scarves thanks to Dave B.
Cooper delviering some Halibut from his super dinghy.
LightSpeed on the dock at Dutch Harbor.
Crab thanks to Helen.
Kathy ready for all you can eat crab.
Kathy casting for salmon in Martin Harbor, Atka.
Dave fishing in Side Arm Bay, Atka Island