Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Riding out the storm

August 6, 2014

Near Deep Bay, Atka, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Anchored position: 52-06.45N 174-37.31W

It's howling pretty good as I write and I'm wishing I'd set a second anchor yesterday. We're tucked in to a cozy side arm of Deep Bay, but it's not as cozy as we'd like. I've been on anchor watch since 2AM, maintaining a high state of readiness as the wind is really kicking. NOAA forecast 30 knots overnight going to 35 tomorrow. What we're getting is 35-45 knots with gust to 50 about once a minute. In the last hour we've had 3 gusts in the low 60's. Yep, over 60 KNOTS!

Yesterday, in anticipation of the forecast 30 knot blow, we did deploy all 200' of our 5/16" chain and we did take extra care to firmly set and test the anchor with multiple pulls astern to 2800 rpm with both engines which is pretty extreme. However, we had no expectation that we'd be asking so much from our Rocna 44 anchor overnight. When dawn breaks, we're either setting a second anchor or we're moving to try to find a less gusty location, possibly in Martin Harbor about 14 miles to the east.

I guess the extreme weather is the trade-off for all the remote wilderness and great fishing.

That's it for now.

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