Friday, August 15, 2014

Warm Clothes, Halibut and Crab!

August 14, 2014

Dutch Harbor, Alaksa

I think we should have bought a lottery ticket today as we're feeling pretty lucky. Our mission for the day was a trip to the post office, we'd tried on two other occasions to pick up the package of warm clothes from ever generous Dave Bechtel, but finally made it today. WOW! A HUGE box jamb packed with cold weather gear that is definitely going to ensure we stay warm and happy as we continue the Alaskan adventure. Three sets of boots for Kathy and jackets, hats, scarves, swweaters, gloves and rain gear galore!

A huge THANK YOU to Dave Bechtel a devoted blog reader whom sent us the gear.

And that was just the first of three good things on this Thursday. In the afternoon, Cooper stopped by with skinned freshly caught halibut fillets and later in the day day we were walking the docks when we met Helen and Dave whom where just finishing boiling their second huge pot of Tanner crab and offered a few legs to munch on the dock. We chatted a while and then were generously given two whole crabs for dinner. Talk about all you can eat crab, we enjoyed the mid 50's 'summer weather' cracking crab on the dock.

And yesterday we had some luck as well when we met Ed and friends at a local fishing supply store, Ed offered expert advice on shrimp and crabbing tactics, gave us a ride to his house where he gifted us a old but serviceable crab pot and then drove us back to the boat. We enjoyed providing a tour of LightSpeed and talking boats with Ed and friends whom are now talking about a Caribbean catamaran charter.

Just walking down the road we met a friendly construction worker, flagging for a paving project, and stopped for a 15 minute chat obtaining all sorts of great advice should we choose to live and work in Alaska for a bit. Dave likes this idea very much for the outdoor activities, fishing and small frontier town vibe. Kathy say, no way! Too cold!!!

Unfavorable winds are forecast until Saturday, so we continue to explore and enjoy Unalsaka, yep that's the name of the city of Dutch Harbor.

Tomorrow we hope to pick some blueberries as we hear reports that there ripe and ready.

That's it for now.

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