Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A few photos, but so many more to add into the previous posts. Just need fast internet.

 Nice sunset for our crossing from the Alaskan peninsula to Kodiak Island.
Agripina Bay 

Agripina Bay eastern end looking inland near where stream meets the bay.

Small bay near west extent of Agripina Bay

Port Wrangell approach to inner most harbor.

 Goat cheese omelet fresh baked pastry with whipped cream cheese frosting.
Chingnik small boat harbor

Passing the Deadliest Catch hard core fishing vessel Northwestern 

Wind speed graph showing some pretty stormy weather while at Atka Island Aleutians.  All data is based on a 10 second average with a  peak of 75 knots as recorded at the mast head of LightSpeed!  Lots of gusts over 50 knots.  All we can say is our Rocna Anchor rocks.!!!  And no they are not a sponsor.

Cape Castle